Florida POS System

Free Florida Harbortouch POS

Free Florida Harbortouch POS

  • Specializing in restaurants, pizzerias and retail shops
  • Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application
  • Accept cash, checks, credit and debit directly through your POS system
  • Track inventory and monitor stock depletion
  • Manage employee schedules and productivity
  • Track employee hours with a built-in time clock
  • Comprehensive reports provide a top-level picture of your business

Florida Harbortouch POS Onsite Installation With Exceptional Support

  • Experienced and certified installation professionals make sure your system is set up correctly the first time
  • 24 hour in-house customer service and technical support
  • Remote support allows the Harbortouch support team to repair any software issues at any time

The Complete Florida Harbortouch POS System

The Harbortouch POS system is easy to use, easy to maintain and features an extremely durable, high clarity 15″ touch screen display, lightning fast processor and ample memory. This POS system has a small footprint, allowing you to place it just about anywhere in your business and its rugged design is liquid and tamper resistant. Additionally, unlike standard PCs, which generally last 2-3 years, the average life span for a Harbortouch POS system is 7-9 years. Unmatched in durability and reliability, a Harbortouch system will provide a point of sale solution for years to come.

Advanced Florida Harbortouch POS Reporting

  • Wide range of built-in reports help reduce accounting and bookkeeping expenses
  • Monitor financials
  • View sales history to predict volume and schedule employees appropriately
  • Track inventory for accurate product ordering
  • Identify sales trends, bestselling items and productive employees
  • Monitor discounts, voids and refunds
The Florida Harbortouch LIGHTHOUSE

The Lighthouse is a proprietary management and reporting tool that communicates information between your Harbortouch POS system and the Interactive Merchant System, an online portal for Harbortouch merchants

  • Access the information on your POS system from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Run various real-time reports and even make changes to your product line remotely with the Free Harbortouch POS System

Florida POS Systems

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free florida pos systems

Florida POS Systems?

You may be wondering why you would need Florida POS systems. The term point of sale (POS) system refers to the hardware and software combination that a restaurant or retail store uses to tally purchases. POS or, point of sale, is the place where a checkout occurs. Florida POS systems undertake the selling process with an interface for the salesperson and customer interaction. After the transaction is complete the Florida POS systems will print a receipt to conclude the sale. Florida POS systems are digital computer systems for making and recording company sales, and they are routinely used in locations such as retail shops, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and sports stadiums. If your business is trying to find ways to process your transactions in a more effective way, a Florida POS system may be the answer.

Florida POS Systems | Not Just A Cash Register

Machines in retail stores and restaurant used to be simply cash registers. These cash registers were normally a “cash safe” used to keep paper transactions from harm. Nowadays with credit card processing and computerization, Florida POS systems have quickly made their way on to the scene as the best and easiest way to record and manage sales and track inventory.

Types of Florida POS Systems

There is a huge amount of features that you can get from Florida POS systems. First, it is recommended that all restaurants or retail establishments with more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in receipts should have Florida POS systems to track and manage their inventories. They range from a very ordinary setup to a highly customized configuration in the software setup. Most POS system developers make an attempt to create their systems as easy and functional to use.

FLorida POS systems can be customized to your business model. Retail boutiques with less than $250,000 in sales may only need a simple cash register, printer and card reader; whereas other Florida businesses may need a full service solution to manage and track sales and inventory.

Benefits Of Florida POS Systems

If you have a Florida retail business, Florida POS systems can record transaction information, track inventory, and store customer profiles. This information can later be utilized to create more sales. POS systems can be a benefit in more than just retail environments. If you are a restaurant owner, Florida restaurant pos systems can help streamline the ordering process and allow your kitchen to be more effective.

The most important feature of FLorida POS systems on top of making the sales process faster is in the ability to track inventory levels. Your business’ sales and inventory tracking gets a real shot in the arm by knowing exactly what goods are selling and in what amounts. POS Inventory tracking also will notify you as to what is missing or damaged without payment.

Florida POS systems can benefit a business in numerous ways. Transactions can become swifter and more precise, and inventory can be easily managed. This can diminished the amount time taken to reorder product, and provide marketing support with a database of consumer data. Additionally, your customer service has the will potentially improve because Florida POS systems are able to populate past customer information. Florida POS systems can even help with your bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities and tasks. They can eliminate the need to hire a full time bookkeeper.

Point Of Sale Costs

Because there are so many types of Florida POS systems to choose from, you will need to find out which features conform to your business needs. The cost of a Florida POS system for your business will depend on the features you select, so do some research before you choose a company to work with. More often than not, the costs associated with Florida POS systems are minimal in comparison to their benefits. Florida POS systems can do everything from making sales more efficient to providing a complete sales and inventory tracking report.

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